Rating System

28 06 2008

At the advice of a valued new friend and mentor, I’ve decided to implement a rating system for my reviews. I’ve never been much good at assigning grades, but because I tend to be a bit ambiguous about my opinion of certain films, I thought a rating system might serve as a straightforward evaluation of the films I choose to review. Here it is, more or less:

♦ = Don’t even bother.

♦♦ = Not my cup of tea, but might be worth a look.

♦♦½ = I will be using half-diamonds, but you’ll probably see the two-and-a-half rating the most often. This one is for films that I really did like but I can’t bring myself to place among the “worth every minute” movies in the three-diamond category.

♦♦♦ = Worth (almost) every minute.

♦♦♦♦ = Captivating, start to finish. Designated for films which I hold in the very highest regard.




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