“Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”

22 12 2008


“Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” 2008

Starring (Voices): Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Bernie Mac

I’m not usually a fan of animated films. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa did not change my mind.

The film seemed to be a sort of patchwork of other, more superior films. The main character, a domesticated lion named Alex, returns to his birthplace in Africa to find a member of his former pride vying for the position of pride leader, which is currently occupied by Alex’s father. Disney’s The Lion King has done this before. The threat of a plane crash elicits passenger revelations that they would ordinarily not have disclosed. Cameron Crowe did this better in Almost Famous. Just two of many examples, and none of the borrowed scenes or storylines are nearly as compelling as their originals.

My guest for this feature was a four-year-old friend who spent most of the film dancing in the aisles and the rest requesting bathroom breaks. She became noticeably preoccupied less than thirty minutes into the movie, which suggests to me that the film is better suited for a slightly older viewer. The only problem might be the film’s suggestive dialogue, though I did have a laugh when the voice of Chris Rock (as Marty the Lion) encouraged another character to kick an adversary “in the batteries,” referring to his nether-regions. At that point I was thankful for my guest’s young age-as I was sure that most of the innuendo was neither detected nor understood.





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12 05 2009
Uncle Joe

Howdy Megan!
By any chance could your “guest” be your 1st cousin, once removed?? Will now proceed to your e-mail. !Ciao-ciao!!
U. Joe

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