Backstabbing Brides-To-Be

27 01 2009


“Bride Wars” 2009

Starring: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Bryan Greenberg, Candice Bergen

Bride Wars provides ninety minutes of mindless, inconsequential amusement. Anyone looking for depth or insight should look elsewhere.

The movie trailer reveals everything that potential viewers need to know before seeing the film. It is a story of two girls, lifelong friends, who do everything together, including get engaged to their long-term boyfriends. When a mix-up leaves the ladies with the same “big day,” the real fun begins. This is not a film about love, marriage, or even friendship, really. Those minor themes merely set the stage for riotous pre-wedding sabotage by two popular, likable actresses.

It doesn’t intend to, but what this film does best is prove that weddings for our generation have become little more than expensive excuses to impress and outdo our friends. And if you can’t even have your best friend around to demonstrate the obligatory envy, what’s the point of going through the exhaustive motions in the first place?

The pranks are neither grave nor particularly creative, but the leading ladies are appealing and funny, which helped me to forgive the fact that they are mostly portrayed as catty, brainless wedding-zombies willing to forfeit ten years worth of savings for another one of those big fussy parties.





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