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A little about me….I am a freelance writer from Upstate New York with big dreams of someday becoming a newspaper columnist. While pursuing this goal I was once told that success comes from writing what you love. As a rookie freelancer, I don’t always have that luxury on the job, so I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon to share my thoughts on film with the world.

A lot about me…. My father to this day thinks television is trash and consequently refused to allow cable access in my home growing up, thinking that might compel me and my sisters to find other more productive ways to exercise our imaginations. So we marched our imaginations right through the Disney film classics section at our local library, followed by the great screen musicals like “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music.” We spun through the nearly day-long “Anne of Green Gables” series several times over, thrilled not to have to wait to catch it on PBS. Soon enough we were ready to launch into more mature classic masterpieces like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Some Like It Hot.” Our library borrowing routine was sprinkled with rentals of newer releases from the video store, when mom would allow it. But we always came back to our old favorites, the ones we could borrow by the half-dozen, over and over again.

To this day I believe that our lack of cable led directly to my love affair with the movies. My devastation over never catching a show on Nickelodeon was subdued by my delight in watching a now beloved film for the first (or sometimes twenty-third) time. I was also an avid reader, so there was no doubt about my love of stories. But there was something about having those stories acted out before my eyes that fascinated me.

My taste in film predictably transformed a bit as I entered high-school, and I began to favor films that were honest, unapologetic, and thought-provoking. I used to say that “American Beauty” made me want to become a filmmaker, because seeing it showed me how desperately I wanted to duplicate its dark evaluation of suburbia.

My freshman filmmaking class in college quickly taught me that my strengths and interests lay in writing, rather than directing. I poured through as many film history and criticism classes as my schedule would allow. During my final year at the small women’s college where I got my degree I began to embrace feminism, and eagerly explored my old passion for links between the two. I spent months writing my undergrad thesis about female auteurs whose films challenged the misogynistic stereotypes that invade Hollywood.

My last adventure in college took place in Argentina. There I finally had unlimited access to cable television. Naturally, it was all dubbed in Spanish. Luckily, the cinemas in Buenos Aires favored American films which were shown with Spanish subtitles, so I didn’t have to try to stretch my severely limited knowledge of Spanish over two hours of film dialogue. As soon as I returned to the states after eight months abroad, I applied to be a community film critic for my local newspaper, and was thankfully accepted. This blog spot was born as a bit of a dump site for the full length versions of my reviews, which I’m forced to abbreviate to meet the paper’s space limitations.

I am not a pretentious writer or reviewer. I would rather speak in language that a reader can understand, about themes they can relate to. I am also not an expert, and I don’t anticipate that much of my audience will be either. I write here about what I love.

I am the Paper Bag Princess.

(Note: The Paper Bag Princess refers to a children’s book by Robert Munsch by the same title. The plot involves a princess who defeats a dragon to rescue her prince. The prince, put off by her disheveled appearance, tells Princess Elizabeth to come back and save him when she looks more like a princess. Seeing him for the cad he is, Princess Elizabeth ditches the prince and goes off on her own, to live Happily Ever After. The title of this blog refers to my identification with the princess and my support of feminism in general. I am in no way affiliated with Elizabeth Mason, nor her company The Paper Bag Princess: Vintage Couture and Contemporary Collectible Clothing).


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24 04 2008

Congratulations on your new column! (I’m on the TV critic team.) If you want I’d be happy to add a link on my blog to yours. Let me know, and good luck. I look forward to reading your reviews!

26 04 2008

Hi Megan,

I put a comment on your other bio page but it never came up on Syracuse.com, so I thought I’d drop you a note here. I just wanted to let you know that I added a link to your blog in my blogroll. And if you need any help with your blog, let me know and I would be happy to help you. If you want to send me an email, feel free to use the email address on my web site. There’s now a link to it on my biography in the TV review section. BTW, did I see you last night at the film fest?


7 05 2008

Have you read Princess Bubble? It is kinda like the Paper Bag Princess

12 05 2008
Nick Salibrici

what up cuz! yo yo yo…your blog site is phatty phat!
and I read your article on the IVF….good stuff….good stuff! you’re a natural!
I wonder how your dad responds to the description of his nazi-like perspective of cabel television!?
talk to ya sooner than later.
vamoz a mexico!

22 06 2008
Joan Welch

Wonderful, Meg! Good luck pursuing your dreams! Joan

11 07 2008

Check out “The Orphanage”… I’d be interested in what you think.

28 08 2008
Derek Norcross


I came across your movie reviews on Syracuse.com, I was surprised to see your name. I’m glad to see you’re doing something you like, we cant all be so lucky.

My e-mail is Derek.Norcross@gmail.com, see you in Syracuse!


13 12 2008
Mary M.

Hi Megan,
Of course you know I am enjoying your movie reviews, especially the latest one I read in the newspaper about Cadillac Records. I wanted to see it and then read a pretty scathing review that turned me away from checking it out. Then I read your review and now plan on going or renting it, whichever comes first! I have loved Etta James for a long, long time and even though Beyonce may not do her justice, after reading your review, I just have to watch this movie. Not to mention, Muddy Waters, etc.

Also, I wish I could find a copy of Rebecca with Jeremy Brett. I know this is your favorite movie and the version with Laurence Olivier is superb. Yet the BBC version done years ago is also wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s never been made available. But if it is someday, you’ll find it in your Christmas stocking from me. . . keep up the great writing dear Megan.

13 12 2008


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